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Dreaming Against the World

by Alexandra_Munroe on January 18, 2017


The film, Dreaming Against the World tells the story of Mu Xin, one of the most original yet largely unknown artists of our times.

While illegally imprisoned during China’s Cultural Revolution, Mu Xin risked his life to write and paint.  Against perilous odds he created an astonishing body of work that merged both East and West, the ancient and the modern, terror and transcendence.

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It was through his artistic faith that Mu Xin survived, while so many others did not.

A documentary portrait filmed on location in China and New York by OSCAR®  and Emmy nominated filmmakers Francisco Bello and Tim Sternberg, Dreaming Against the World celebrates Mu Xin’s incredible commitment to his artistic vision.

I am pleased to share that as of today, January 18, 2017 Dreaming Against the World is available for viewing online. For a live showing of the film, JOIN US TONIGHT for a screening hosted by Asia Society. Find more details and purchase tickets here.

Evening Screening and Discussion
Drink Reception: 6:30pm
Screening: 7:00pm
Discussion: 7:35pm
Close: 8:30pmScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.14.42 PM


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We made Dreaming Against the World to help ensure that Mu Xin’s work and inspiring story are not lost to history. With your help we can ensure his legacy remains alive.

More news to come, stay tuned!

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